The Secular God

Published: 04th December 2008
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Everything in this universe is controlled by the "Law of nature". All that happens in this universe is a consequence of these laws and not due to God's direct intervention. God is the director of the universe. Everything happens according to his directions. He is an infinite creative power who created the "Laws of Nature", and brought it into existence.

Concept of the secular God:

The secular concept of God, that He is the "Creator of everything", is not based on ancient stories and myths. The religious God is based on ancient myths and faith. In contrast, the secular God - the creator of the universe is based on reason. For e.g. the secular God is the creator of laws of inertia, gravity, etc; but He did create the commandments.

Who is the creator of the "Law of nature"? How did it come into existence? The answers to these questions are beyond the scope of science. They can only be discussed in the realm of philosophy and metaphysics. Scientists can only discover, investigate and theorize on the physical laws of nature. They say that there is an intelligent power which we call God. He has created the "Laws of Nature", and it is due to this that the universe exists. Everything in the universe exists because there is a Supreme power that designed them and brought everything into existence. He gave them domain over the entire universe.

Among the all the animals it is only man who can imagine the possibility of the existence of God. Mankind alone has the power to understand some of the wonders which were created through these "Laws of Nature".

The "Laws" are the phenomena that guide, create and control each and everything in the universe. Some of these things are inertia, gravity, biology, electromagnetic emission, quantum mechanics, etc. These are the things that shape the universe and make everything what it is.

God and Science:

Scientists have for years tried to solve the puzzle that are adhered to the concept of God. Science has discovered and elucidated some of these "Laws of universe". Some of their explanations are correct, whereas others are questionable. There may be many other laws of the universe which are yet to be discovered. However, science is only limited to discovering and explaining the "Laws of Nature" and their phenomenon. They do not have the power to discover their origin. This domain belongs to the philosophers and the meta-physicists.

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